Victim/key-witness/Whistle-blower X. (X-v-France.com)
I am accusing McDonald’s Corporation and/or its subsidiary companies of serious frauds and money laundering. I am simultaneously a victim, a key witness, and, in a way, also a whistle-blower. For the record, I’ve never worked for McDonald’s. I will explain later in more details why then I also use this term of whistle-blower. Quickly, here are a few reasons. The SEC Whistle-blower platform accepts whistle-blower reports/filings from anyone including people who are not working for the corporation being reported. I filed a whistle-blower complaint on the SEC website once. I will probably file another one again soon. Another reason is this article https://finance.yahoo.com/news/whistleblower-calls-mcdonalds-fraud-century-190303086.html stating Whistleblower Site Calls McDonald’s ‘The Fraud Of The Century’. I believe it’s the first time the term “whistle-blower” was used. Last but not least, there are certain aspects of this case very few people know about. For example, I once wrote to Emmanuel Macron when he was the Minister of Economy of France regarding serious issues with the French judicial system. How does it relate to that case? I will explain later. I need to first carefully read again what I wrote at the time. Certain aspects of the French legal procedure can’t be easily translated into English. Furthermore, English is not my native language. Meanwhile, I strongly suggest you to follow my @ECTHRwatch Twitter account if you are interested in this case. You can also visit the website https://www.ECTHRwatch.org

Who am I?

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